There has been mush debate on renewable energy and planning issues in recent months in Ireland. In the last few months both the ISEA and SEAI have published documents on Best Practice and Planning for Solar and Planning Recommendations for large scale solar. According to a recent ERSI report, public support for solar is the highest amongst any other form of electricity generation in Ireland. However, the industry needs to build on this public support and ensure that best practice is adopted in the planning solar schemes. Hear about the planning issues identified by Irish developers and how this have been successfully mitigated. What are the likely issues going forward and how these are being addressed by industry and stake holders.

The Green and White Papers on Energy Policy in Ireland make consistent and strong reference to Community Benefit and Community Ownership. ISEA has been particularly pro-active is seeking to propose to government workable solutions to these two elements of community participation in solar projects in Ireland. These proposals will be presented and a detailed explanation of how they can be implemented and benefit from expected enhance support. There will be participation from Government, industry and community groups in this section.