A recent report issued by Eirgrid has revised up-wards significantly the amount of solar capacity on the distribution and transmission network that could be deployed between now and 2020 and 2030. Grid connection is a key area for discussion in accommodating the efficient deployment of renewable energy in Ireland. The new enduring regime for grid connection of renewable energy projects is expected to be under consultation by November and therefore it will form a major part of this theme. We will seek to expand on the various issues associated with the transition from the non-GPA process to the new gate process for solar applications to connect to the grid and how transitional arrangements will work. The ISEA Working Group on Grid have been actively working on the grid code compliance and planning for the last year. This is ongoing work and the members of this group will be sharing their views of the likely changes going forward. Speakers from both the TSO and DSO are expected to participate along with various industry representatives.